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Daisy Waugh is a columnist, best selling novelist and social commentator. She has published seven novels and a travel book, A Small Town In Africa, about her time working as a teacher in Northern Kenya. She has worked as an Agony Aunt, a restaurant critic, a property reviewer, and a lifestyle columnist – most recently for the Sunday Times Magazine, where she wrote "Waugh Zone" , a column about family. She writes a monthly column for the magazine Standpoint, and has worked for radio and TV.

Her last two novels, Last Dance With Valentino and Melting the Snow on Hester Street are set in silent era Hollywood and so is the novel she is currently working on. She has also written a non-fiction book (to be published in July 2013) about the absurdities and indignities of modern motherhood, called I Don’t Know Why She Bothers (Guilt Free Motherhood For Thoroughly Modern Women). Described as part "feminist manifesto" part "hilarious rant" it is to be serialised in both the Times and Sunday Times later this summer.