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Motivational speaker

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If modern British adventure has a face, it looks a lot like Leo Houlding. Based in the Lake District, UK, at 33 he is one of Britain's top climbers and among the best in the world.

An experienced base jumper, Leo pushes the limits of exploratory adventure by taking the ultimate in extreme sports to the most extreme environments. From the high arctic, to the depths of the Amazon to the white desert of Antarctica, Leo embodies the essence of 21st Century exploration.

An articulate communicator he has captivated and inspired audiences around the world with his tales of adrenalin-fueled adventures and leadership in high-risk, high-stress environments. 

In 2002 a big fall on Cerro Torre in Patagonia put Leo out of action for a year with a crushed Talus bone. The story of the fall became the subject of a BBC 2 extreme lives documentary “My Right Foot” and introduced Leo to a host of TV and film opportunities.

He sports an impressive television résumé, including an infamous appearance on the BBC’s Top Gear, his own adventure series on Virgin One “Take Me To The Edge”, and an IMAX movie released in 2010: “The Wildest Dream” retracing the last steps of Mallory and Irvine on their fateful expedition to Everest in 1924. During the filming of the Wildest Dream Leo undertook a period drama shoot at 7600m, the highest drama shoot in history and went on to summit the worlds highest peak.

In 2013 he presented a 20 part series CBBC Fierce Earth, an exciting and educational children’s show about geography. Most recently he has teamed up with natural historian and adventurer Monty Halls to film the TV series 'Lost Worlds' for the Discovery Channel. Together they make the perfect team to explore the exotic and dangerous locations and truly get to grips with the ecology and wildlife that surrounds them.

Since 2009 Leo has lead a series of ambitious expeditions; working closely with adventure film maker Alastair Lee together they have produced some of the most widely acclaimed extreme adventure films of all time including the Asgard Project, The Prophet, Autana and The Last Great Climb.

Leo continues to work closely with his main sponsor of more than 13 years Berghaus. He is an ambassador for the British Mountaineering Council, representative for Cumbria Tourism, Trustee of Doug Scotts’s Charity Community Action Nepal, Trustee of the educational charity Adventure Learning Schools, a member of the prestigious Cordon Rouge explorers club and patron of the UK’s biggest mountain film festival - Kendal.

The most widely recognized and articulate climber of his generation he has lectured to tens of thousands of people in more than 20 countries around the world including being asked to speak to the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street in 2008 and the Queen in 2013. He has worked for multinational companies such as Audi, Ford and Nokia.

Most recently he has begun sharing his adventures through a network of schools aiming to inspire and raise the aspirations of pupils from across the social spectrum.

He continues to entertain and inspire outdoor enthusiasts, school children and corporate audiences around the globe with his tales of Leadership, Risk management, conquering fear and 21st century exploration.