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Lucinda is a documentary photographer, travel writer and presenter whose work, in her own words, is a “reaction to an incurable wanderlust and deep-rooted romanticism for the world's natural aesthetics; constantly searching to understand humanity through listening to the stories of its people”.

Whilst working as an Anthropologist in Guyana Cinders first realised the power of her camera as a research tool. Travel is about knowledge; “you can visit a hundred museums in a foreign land but to truly know the place you engage with the people who live there”.

Cinders holds an MA in Anthropology of Development from Goldsmiths London where her published thesis looked at the problems facing Bolivia’s indigenous populations today. Now preferring an easier style, she wants to talk to people through her articles painting colourful pictures for the reader, writing the kind of articles we would all want to read; her main aim is to inspire people to visit the places through her own observations and by telling the stories of the people she meets.

Her outgoing personality, warmth and adventurous heart help Cinders to engage with others on both sides of the lens. Whether it’s crossing the Andes, being the first female solo driver on a safari through Patagonia, wild swimming, dangerous rock faces or facing killer bees, Cinders will be there!

She says, “I used to cry I wasn’t born a boy because back then boys seemed to have all the best adventures”. Cinders quickly realised she could have them too! She set off in 1999 and has never really looked back.

Since then, she has lived with indigenous Amerindians in South America, sleeping in a hammock in the Rupununi savannah for months on end; tracked Darwins footsteps on the Galapagos islands and galloped horses across the mighty Patagonian pampas with the gaucho children.

She references her inspiration as Lady Florence Dixie, Amelia Earhart, Bob Dylan and Cowboys.