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Candice Brown to Publish Her First Book

It's official, Candice Brown will be publishing her first cook book this year. More news to come soon, but in the meantime, you can find some more information on Amazon...

Shelagh Fogarty Talks to Stormzy About His New Album - and Calling out LBC

Stormzy called out LBC in a song on his new album over a caller linking him with knife crime. This is what happened when Shelagh Fogarty invited him into LBC to talk about it. In October, a caller to Shelagh Fogarty said that grime artists like Stormzy, Skepta and Wiley are responsible for glorifying knife crime. Stormzy heard about this, sending an angry tweet to Shelagh and then name-dropping LBC on his new song "First Things First", saying: "Alright, first things first, coulda put you in a hearse, Man, I gave you boys a lifeline, I was scrolling through my tweets, had Adele up on repeat, And saw a madness on my timeline, LBC's tryna' black ball me, And tryna' blame your boy for knife

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