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Michelle Sparman

Michelle Sparman is a fitness coach, businesswoman, charity founder, police control room despatcher and single mum. Michelle is a one-woman whirlwind who, when she puts her mind to something…gets it done. 


Whilst working in her day job with the Met Police, Michelle started a fitness programme as a voluntary venture to raise money for her son’s PE department. Almost immediately she spotted the need for accessible, childcare-friendly fitness options for women. Sensing a challenge and inspired by the sense of fulfilment and wellbeing that she felt when she was active, she trained to become a fitness coach and, together with the Mayor of Wandsworth, launched FIT SW11 in 2017. 


The goals were simple: To use movement to empower individuals and companies to strengthen their communities; to help others, especially women, enjoy fitness for mental and physical health.


Michelle strongly believed that finance and circumstance shouldn’t be a barrier to entry and FIT SW11 now provides free fitness classes and events throughout her London borough.


In December 2020 she set up FIT SW11 APPAREL, the UK’s first free fitness clothing bank for women facing financial difficulties.


This brand-new fitness/wellbeing commUNITY has captured the attention of celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes, small businesses and individuals as well as the likes of Nike, Sky and Decathlon all with the common goal of making a difference to people and our planet. 


The simple concept of donating unwanted sports clothing to those who can’t otherwise access it to enable them to become active has been picked up by people up and down the UK.  Michelle has established an army of SW11 Apparel Angels to help her collect the clothing and get it into the hands of those who need it most. 


"Michelle makes working out fun and uplifting. She has built a kind community that looks out for and supports other women around them. It's a fitness community with a heart." 

Lorraine Candy 


Michelle is a living embodiment of the power of hard work and positivity. She speaks eloquently and passionately about the need for a real sense of community and her belief that when people come together, they can make amazing things happen in the world.


"I was blown away the second I found Michelle on Instagram.  She's on a mission to provide workout clothing to women in need and hosting free exercises on Zoom. No one should be denied the right to move their body because they can't afford it. Her energy and passion are inspiring, plus she's a sweetheart."

 - Bobbi Brown

Michelle is 48 and lives in London with her two sons, Max,10, who loves football and plays for AFC Wimbledon and Sam aged 8 who she is pretty sure will be a Westend star one day. She has been a serving member of the Metropolitan Police as a control room despatcher for the last 18 years after graduating from Roehampton University in Theatre Studies and Education. 

Michelle Sparman
Michelle Sparman
Michelle Sparman
Michelle Sparman
Michelle Sparman
Michelle Sparman

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