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Candice Brown Announces New Cookbook!

Sunday Times columnist, pub-landlord and Great British Bake Off Winner Candice Brown is releasing her second cook book this July. Happy Cooking by Candice Brown is filled with uplifting meals and comforting treats that have seen her through the toughest of times. There are favourite bakes to bring a smile to your face, quick pick-me-ups for busy weekdays, therapeutic recipes to keep your hands busy, and hearty dishes that take care of themselves as well as you. Cooking has always been about more than the finished dish for Candice. It’s about the whole process and what the process can do for your mind, as well as your body. Without rules, judgement or guilty food chats, Happy Cooking is here to help you feel good and celebrate the simple pleasures in life. The book, published by Ebury Press, will hit shelves on July 1st. To pre-order visit the link in our bio. Follow @candicebrown on Instagram for more details or email


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