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Winnie Lee (@ohcakeswinnie)

Winnie Lee is @ohcakeswinnie and she was born in the heart of Blackburn, UK, and nurtured under the emerald skies of Northern Ireland, Winnie’s parents, true connoisseurs of food, ran a popular Chinese takeaway. Surrounded by their keen interest in exploring various world cuisines, it was inevitable that Winnie would be inspired. That inspiration never left her.


After completing her studies at St Martins, she emerged as a formidable presence in the fashion industry, making significant contributions to various projects alongside designers, stylists, and magazines; eventually launching her own womenswear knitwear label, followed by a children’s range.


Her career eventually led her to Marks and Spencer, where she served as the soft accessories’ designer for over a decade. Her role there not only had her impacting global trends and redefining styles, but also took her on extensive travels across the world. The exposure to various cultures and fashion landscapes further honed a skill in identifying trends and understanding consumer preferences, which would later play a crucial role in her cake designs. Something that is evident in her current work, which features intricate detailing, cutting-edge trends especially in a love of colour and pattern.


After moving to Luxembourg, in 2017, she identified an opportunity in the market for fun kids' birthday cakes. This led her to start making cakes to order, and thus began her self-taught baking journey. Her creativity blossomed in the kitchen, and she quickly developed her own unique style, transposing her design knowledge onto her cakes.


What started as a simple documentation of her baking adventures rapidly grew to a thriving community of  800k+ followers on Instagram and 150k+ followers on Facebook.  The demand was so high that  in February 2023 she launched her blog/website,


OhCakesWinnie's creations has taken the internet by storm. Her videos have gone viral, featuring on large accounts like Tastemade, Food Network US/UK, The Feed Feed, Wilton, American Cake Decorating and Amour du cake and more… With reels that regularly exceeding millions of views, her innovative designs have caused a sensation

Winnie Lee
Winnie Lee
Winnie Lee
Winnie Lee
Winnie Lee

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