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Adam Cox

Adam Cox is a most unusual cake baker. Young, edgy, fun and an individualist he’s the antithesis of the traditional cake maker.


At 18, with no formal training and to the surprise of his friends and family, Adam started working in a cake shop. He quickly realised that he had a natural, artistic talent, picking up the techniques easily. After initially plying his trade in his native North West, Adam relocated to the Capital and took a role as head of novelty cakes in a leading London cake shop.  Here, he created his masterpieces for major events around the city.


Having attended no courses in cake decorating, all of Adam's skills have either been learnt on the job or self-taught, which is evident in his original and personalised work. The techniques he uses may not be “by the book” but they allow him to stand out from crowd within the growing trends of cake design and sugar craft. Widely known for his sculptural cake creations, Adam approaches his carved cakes from an artistic angle. He is often told that his work is too good to eat!


In January 2013, Adam set up his own business, Adam’s Cakes, which is now the supplier for top children’s party companies such as Sharky and George. He has created cakes for a host of high profile clients including, Ronnie Wood, Damian Hirst, Richard Ashcroft and Jimmy Carr and made an appearance on Paul Hollywood's BBC television series Pie's and Puds.


Adam has entered two international competitions, picking up a bronze award in each - but he insists there's plenty more to come...

Adam and Paul Hollywood
Adam Cox
Adam Cox
Adam Cox
Adam Cox

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