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What Our Clients Say About Us


"Having worked with Yellow Poppy for some time now, Geraldine and Anna are both professional experts in this field. Their advice to me has been spot on and their business acumen unquestionable. They are both the best."

Paul Hollywood

"Safe in their hands but not so safe that they don't challenge you to try new things  And there's fun to be had too."

Shelagh Fogarty


"Working with Yellow Poppy over the last few years has been an incredible experience. To have full support of these industry stalwarts at every twist and turn of my career is invaluable. Ladies, you rock!"

John Gregory-Smith

"Trustworthy doesn't even begin to cover it. Their industry experience is unparalleled - they know their stuff. From their extensive contact book to their razor sharp negotiating skills, the team at Yellow Poppy are savvy, smart and an absolute pleasure with which to work. Their integrity, style and know-how is what sets them apart; Geraldine, Kate and Anna are, quite simply, the best in the business."

Ashley Pearson


"These ladies are like family. I trust them implicitly and know they always have my best interests in mind. Professional, the best at what they do and make ‘work’ not like work!"

Candice Brown

"I always feel safe with the important decisions because trust and friendship are at the heart of our relationship! I know that whatever comes my way, the team have my best interests at heart and we as a team will always be the best we can be."

Brendan Cole

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