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Lisa Marley

Lisa Marley is a popular plant-based, planet-friendly chef and qualified nutrition coach who is proud to be part of the global movement towards plant-based eating. 


She cooks up flavourful, appetising, and modern recipes inspired by her love of food. To her, quality food isn't just a job: it's a way of life.


Lisa trained as a pastry chef at Westminster Kingsway College and is a Royal Society for Public health accredited level 3 nutrition coach. This unique blend of influences enables her to combine her ability to create mouth-watering recipes with a special focus to ensure that each dish she makes is not only nutritious but also delicious. Lisa has created recipes for various major publications and media platforms. In addition, she has performed professional demonstrations and product launches for many high-profile brands.


Lisa has a monthly column in Vegan Food & Living Magazine and is on BBC Radio Kent every Sunday talking about all things food. She contributes to Stylist Magazine, Fabulous Magazine, Metro, House & Home, BBC Food, The Daily Express, and The Mirror. Lisa's inspirational recipes have been featured in ELLE magazine, WW, Women's Health, Time Out, and Take a Break, to name a few. 


Cosmopolitan magazine regularly teams up with Lisa to offer their readers virtual cooking master classes. As well as written articles, interviews and live demonstrations at food festivals including The Sustainability Show, The Fully Charged Show and The Cake & Bake Show. You can watch Lisa cooking her recipes on Channel 5’s Secrets of The Fast Food Giants. Appearing on Podcasts, live cook-along, and filming recipes are all part of her passion for food.


Lisa is proud to be the chef trainer for ProVeg UK; helping schools across the UK improve the health of their pupils, save money and help the planet. She also works alongside ProVeg UK to support local authorities to achieve more sustainable, healthier, and cost effective school menus. 


Lisa demonstrates and gives talks at LACA and the APPG. As well as ProVeg, Love Food Hate Waste is an initiative close to her heart and working to encourage zero food waste to help slow down global warming is an important goal.


Follow Lisa's Instagram and check out her websites to learn more about delicious, tasty planet-friendly food and find her unique recipes. For those with a sweet tooth, you will also find an array of tempting and delectable recipes to inspire and delight.

Lisa Marley
Lisa Marley
Lisa Marley

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