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Helen Sisley

Helen Sisley made her TV debut in 20117 with Love Your Home and Garden on ITV. This spin-off to the successful Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh was a three-part series in which Alan meets some very special, deserving people and enlists the help of professionals to create one-of-a-kind homes and gardens that will improve the quality of their lives.


In the episode featuring Helen the family home of two young sisters who act as carers for their sight restricted mother was given a makeover. Helen was brought in as the consultant architect and co presenter of the project to completely redesign the house. Utilising her expertise at creating design solutions she transformed their cramped dark home into a light-filled and clutter free space. The family were thrilled with the results.

Ambitious and talented, Helen graduated with a first class honours degree in Architecture and has practised as an architect in Hong Kong, London and Barbados on both residential and commercial projects. Helen has a broad range of architectural skills and a commitment to elegant and sophisticated functional design.

Now based in London, Helen has a luxury property and concierge company – The Happy Couch. A key element of Helen’s work as part of The Happy Couch capitalises on the growing trend for short term rentals of homes (Airbnb) as an alternative to hotels.


Helen has styled and managed many properties for this purpose since the concept began. With a diverse range of skills and breadth of experience, Helen offers a keen insight into the ways in which we can design and use property to adapt positively to the challenges within the property market in recent times and to reflect the changes in the ways in which we use our homes today. 

Helen Sisley
Helen Sisley
Helen with Alan Titchmarsh Team
Helen Sisley
Helen and Alan Titchmarsh
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