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Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart is a gardener and author. His book "Skymeadow: Notes from an English Gardener" was published by Little, Brown in 2018...

'A fascinating book . . . Every flower, every passing bud, every change in the season is described with rapture' Jilly Cooper


Charlie is not a classic garden designer he is a self-taught gardener; a man with a passion for gardening and an unquenchable urge to dig!  In 2016 he worked on the Modern Slavery Garden which won gold at Chelsea.


He and his wife Sybilla moved to their farmhouse in North Essex in 2013, since then they have set about building a new five-acre garden called "Skymeadow". Charlie's book is partly the story of building a new garden and partly a personal memoir which describes how building the garden helped him get over the grief he felt after losing both his parents. 


The days he spent wrestling with the soil were the days in which he mourned the loss of his parents. As the garden formed around him he buried his anxieties in it; that garden is Skymeadow. An extraordinary celebration of nature.


Charlie wants to awaken the gardener in all of us. To encourage people to have a go, never to be afraid of failure and to be prepared for some surprising benefits.


Charlie is a dad of four. Before moving to the country Charlie lived in London and previously studied Theology at Cambridge University. He grew up on an organic farm in Suffolk and has a lifelong commitment to celebrating the way in which nature can rest the mind, heal the body and lift the soul. Charlie is a regular contributor to newspapers, gardening publications and festivals.

Charlie Hart

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