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Demi Singh (A.K.A @Demthepesc)

In 2019 Demi decided to limit meat in her diet for health and lifestyle reasons. Though not strictly Pescatarian, Demi rarely eats meat. She now creates meat-free, vegan and veggie food for everyone to enjoy.


Her Instagram following has grown rapidly since starting her account at the beginning of 2020. With multiple viral videos, her 158k plus engaged followers are always hungry for the next recipe. 


Demi was born and raised in a multicultural north London town. She is fiercely proud of her Jamaican and Indian heritage, and shows this through her love of spice in her recipes. She is a creative, experimental cook who uses fresh vibrant flavours in her food. Combinations of the traditional and the unexpected form a fusion that often includes some of her favourite Mediterranean foods.


A French and Linguistics graduate from Nottingham, she worked as a waitress in a variety of restaurants while studying, where she learned the importance of presentation, and was introduced to new ingredients. Something that she has incorporated into her own style. 


 Her food is Pescatarian Perfection!


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