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CASE STUDY: Mark Lutton with Cirio

Mark Lutton became a fan favourite when he appeared in 2020's series of The Great British Bake Off. He was enlisted by Cirio to join the team of Influencers taking part in their Cirio Challenge campaign.


The Brief

Cirio has a long heritage in creating top quality tomato and vegetable products. The Italian brand engaged  Influencer Marketing platform Indahash to create a new digital campaign, gathering together a range of mid to macro level Influencers alongside brand fans and members of the public. They were invited to take part in the #CirioChallenge, creating recipes that showcase the brand's products.


The Campaign

Yellow Poppy were asked to suggest suitable participants for the campaign and Mark was selected. He created a delicious 'Paddy Pizza' recipe using Cirio's passata and inspired by his Irish heritage.



Mark's creation nailed Cirio's brief for visually-appealing, engaging and innovative content with a carousel of images detailing the recipe and a series of supporting Stories on his Insta channel.

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