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CASE STUDY: Rahul Mandal with HBO

Winner of The Great Bitish Bake Off in 2018, Rahul Mandal has built a broad, international fanbase. His enthusiasm for the science and artistry of baking, creating cakes that are both beautiful and structurally elegant, has also seen him build a large, dedicated following on Instagram.


The Brief

Created by the visionary writer and director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), HBO's new fantasy blockbuster series The Nevers premiered internationally in April 2021. To mark its highly-anticipated arrival, the HBO marketing team wanted to add a celebratory element to the campaign and looked for support from a wide range of online influencers.

The Campaign

Rahul was invited to take part in the launch campaign by baking and decorating one of his inimitable creations. The beautiful, intricate cake was designed to reflect the lavish nineteenth century setting and styling of the series. Rahul created a four-minute reel showcasing the cake's decoration plus a range of supporting Instagram Stories.

The Results

Fans agreed that Rahul's creation perfectly reflected the show's identity and design and the video has gone on to receive over 107K views.

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