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CASE STUDY: Jasmine Birtles with Zopa

A financial expert like no other, TV presenter, author and business commentator Jasmine Birtles used to be a stand-up comedian. When new online bank Zopa received their banking license in 2020, they looked to Jasmine to provide some expert assistance with their launch campaign.


The Brief

As part of their launch activity, Zopa commissioned research into the the nation's personal finances focusing on attitudes to savings and investment and how these had been affected by the pandemic. They enlisted Jasmine as a trusted voice in the field to communicate their findings and reinforce their launch brand positioning as the ‘feel-good money company’,


The Campaign

Jasmine's role in the launch campaign utilised a mix of traditional and social media. She created five top tips for personal finance managemaent which Zopa deployed across their social channels and recorded a special video for use with the 'Real Money Stories' hashtag. Addutionally, Jasmine conducted eight print, online and broadcast media interviews to discuss the finding's of Zopa's research. Jasmine also posted campaign material to her own social channels.



The launch campaign has been an enormous success. Zopa is on track to make a profit in its first year of operation, a huge achievement for a new bank. It has also become a top 10 credit card issuer in the UK and has attracted more than £400m in customer deposits.

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