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Joanathan Overend Launches New Podcast

Jonathan Overend is joining a heavyweight collective of some of the UK’s most familiar sporting voices, to launch a brand new podcast series Sport And The Feels, which gives listeners a front row seat at some of the biggest Olympic moments.

Using their combined experience of more than 20 summer Games, Jonathan Overend, Mark Pougatch, John Inverdale, Sonja McLaughlan and Marcus Buckland take you behind the scenes on iconic nights, with world records and remarkable feats. Tall-tales, celebrity-pulls and insider-stories, direct from those who were there. Throughout the series, the team will be joined by special guests, including legends of the Games and the microphone, plus fresh new broadcasting talent.

The podcast, which has ambitions beyond an initial podcast series, launches on 25th July and is available through all podcast platforms.

Jonathan says: “I’ve been privileged to grow up and live my professional life in the company of some of the greatest broadcasters the UK has known. We have a rich history in this area, particularly when it comes to sport. So the chance to drive a project to get so many (with more to come) on the same platform, talking about their decades of front-row experiences at some of the biggest events, is extremely exciting.”

Listen at and find out more at

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