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Jasmine Birtles Partners with Digital Bank Zopa

TV presenter, money expert, author and keynote speaker Jasmine Birtles has partnered with new digital bank Zopa to offer tips on how to financially prepare for a post-Coronavirus world.

Jasmine will use her knowledge and expertise of consumer finances to add resonance to Zopa’s bank launch. Taking part in a series of media interviews with broadcast, print and online media, Jasmine will discuss Zopa’s research findings and share tips on how people can manage their money during lockdown and beyond.

Jasmine says: “There’s no question that getting your finances in order can feel daunting, especially considering that many Brits were unprepared financially for the crisis. However, the situation has been a catalyst for many to review their saving habits, meaning that new bank Zopa is launching at a time when consumers need financial service providers to work on their behalf and equip them with the tools they need to get the most from their money.”

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