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Jonathan Overend Launches New Podcast

Jonathan Overend has launched a new podcast investigating the links between sport and climate change.

Emergency on Planet Sport is a challenging eight-part series investigating the links between sport and climate change and asks the sporting community, including fans and followers, to assess our contribution to an unfolding crisis. Athletes, clubs and governing bodies tell stories from three angles; the impact of climate change on everyday sport, the contribution of sport to the global emergency and the solutions sport can deliver to help make a difference. Can sport lead on this? Why are athletes afraid? What can we all do to help make positive changes?

The podcast was created by Jonathan’s company audio production company NinetyFour19. For more than 25 years, Jonathan has been at the forefront of British national media. As one of the country’s most distinctive and trusted voices, he’s presented the most popular shows, commentated on the biggest events, reported on major stories, hosted glamorous audiences and interviewed ultimate superstars. For more information please follow @jonathanoverendsport on Instagram or email


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